So what are your current A.M and P.M rituals?

Does your T.V and iPhone take centre stage?.. come on, be honest!

In the intimate hours of both going to sleep and rising for the day lies both the power and opportunity to prepare ourselves for ultimate success!

Firstly, before sleeping it goes without saying that technology should stay out of the bedroom!

Sleeping is like a reset button which is wasted when you wake up and replay the same sad story that you allow yourself to be torn down by. Perhaps you didn’t get a well-deserved promotion, or you dinted your car yesterday, maybe your trip was cancelled or you have overtime to do this week, maybe your dog simply needs a bath!

Life can be very traumatic and painful, maybe you faced loss of a loved one.

With both trivial and severe situations- you CAN always improve the way you tackle life‘s trials with healthy routines.

So just quickly-
Here’s a few handy tips on how to sleep well-
1. Going to bed at the same time waking up at the same time.
2. Having a dark room
3. No bright screens or phones or laptops.
4. No caffine or alcohol.
5. If you can’t sleep, read a book in a different room then go back to your bed to go to sleep. You’re welcome

Great! But what about your mind though??? RELEASE! Is key

Release the days events, let it all go! Super! How?
Forgive people (HOW in the world do I forgive?! will be shared for my next post))) Also forgive yourself and life itself if need be and forget your tomorrows to do list for now. Yes, I know that’s in there, swimming around your mind.

Release -also any limiting grudges keeping you awake, now is the time to breathe and give thanks for your day, for your life, your dreams, smile actually Smile even slightly as you fall into a blissful sleep state.
Let it all be, it all rests as you do.

Waking up now, EMBRACE!
Greet your day- (no matter how tired you are) with ‘Thank You.’
In the tender moments of waking you really don’t need to have any specifics in mind just create feelings of gratefulness.

Or simply, Think thank you and create a smile on your face if you can make stet one. (Which you can)

If you stir on the grumpy side when you wake up, then try not to talk for a bit until you can shake the grumps off. See if you can switch your thoughts to positive before you work out your to do list for the day, to the ones that feed your energy!
As you start to move off the bed and into your day… see if you can keep feeding yourself nourishing thoughts like ‘I am blessed’ ‘I am strong’ ‘I am focused’ ‘I am prosperous’ etc.

Seek out and Breathe in the joy of whatever it is that you give your focus to!

Then, build on this gratitude as you go about your morning.

Now, you can get really specific ‘thank you for understanding’ ‘thank you for tooth paste’ ‘thank you for water’ ‘thank you for prosperity’ etc.

Give/feel/ share your gratitude abundantly, on anything and everything that serves you from the sky to the ground you walk on!!

Being thankful in advance for what is already yours and on its way.

Doing your part by aligning yourself with what feels good! .. even if challenging!

All of us experience hard times, we all experience negative emotions and we all hurt and face losses.

Major ones! Life changing ones. We can’t escape them, they are another apart of living.

It’s what we do after we fall that shows us our own character.

Do you really know what you’re made of? What you’re capable of?

We occasionally need adversity to help show us our strengths or remind us of them.

So Unique Human, when you fall- and you will fall, absolutely irrefutably refuse to give yourself permission to stay down or even to be down for long.

Ask for help/ love/ time/ service where necessary. Do Give Yourself Time to pause if needed, to really feel and acknowledge what happened and cry then get a bit angry and then begin your healing process but then … you get back up!!

Don’t share your misery around, grow from it and flourish! Share where needed.

Once up, you then need to make a huge choice to persevere with your passions and your larger visions by not allowing the pain, hurt, betrayal etc to infect your life with life destroying toxins. No forget that, you’re better than that! Your made of pure awesome energy and you decide to bloom for you and you alone and share that life enhancing energy everywhere you go!
Always always protect your goodness and instead infect others with your much needed light, love and infinite wisdom

When you move forward – and you will move forward.
Forever and a day give thanks to your trying times, including the hurt! And above all please beautiful soul, remember that you are a miracle! You were born one so Live like one, get excited about your life.

Life is always responding to what you believe about yourself so make your beliefs remarkable! So, you get to decide-
To either seize the day or allow it to seize you

With you in high energy,