About Donna

A natural-born cheerleader, Donna has been steadfast in her holistic counselling training and practice over the past seven years, where she chose to further support her clients by training extensively in transformational coaching at the mastery level. Prior to this, Donna worked in a family-owned real estate company for ten years. This massive career shift came from Donna wanting to make a meaningful impact in the lives of other woman after experiencing quite a turbulent time in her own life spanning over four years. Initiating her own transformation, Donna now seeks to do the same for other woman by helping them realise their own limiting beliefs so they can move on to living a life defined by their own standards, making empowering conscious choices for a self-designed and heart-driven life.

Donna has had the pleasure of working with woman with vastly different backgrounds, occupations and

beliefs, working with many different needs, from women struggling to keep a roof over their heads to fast lane entrepreneurs. The end goal is the same – personal healing and empowerment. Donna thrives in helping woman overcome their present limitations, be it emotional pain, relationship issues or breakdowns, health concerns, loss of identity, anxiety, depression, communication barriers or traumas, among many other issues. Seeing her clients thrive increases her own confidence in her ability to make a real and lasting difference in their lives.

Knowing how valuable and life-enhancing many of her modalities are for her clients prompted Donna to start writing about the benefits people can expect. She has been doing this for many years now, with deep enthusiasm to support readers to be able to empower themselves.

As the founder of Goddess Energy, Donna ran one-to- one sessions, including group sessions for both men and women, with a strong focus on resolving emotional trauma. Being holistic in nature, Donna encompassed the entire life experience of her clients; with this approach, her clients were able to experience lasting improvements in their healing journey and therefore they learnt new and healthier ways of self-empowerment.

Donna is now a woman’s focused holistic counsellor and empowerment coach, where she helps woman create

conscious and lasting change, heal emotional pain and experience personal liberation by disrupting old patterns in their limiting beliefs and generating truly inspiring habits for a full and compelling life experience.

Donna’s Coaching Core Values